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Question for Kawasaki experts

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I'm working on an FH541V for one of my LI contacts and have several questions. What is the rod bolt torque, head bolt torque, and valve clearance for this engine? It is a 17HP vertical V-twin.
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Do you still need this info? If so I will get it for you... What is the SPEC number of the engine...its on a tag near the oil filler it will be like AS07 etc..
Thanks for your help. I set the valves at .006 cold. Unfortunately, this engine had a hard life, the tag near the dipstick was removed. It had previously broken both rods, possibly from over speeding as the governor yoke was loose. I finished it for someone else who got stuck when he put the sump on and it wouldn't turn. This is a really nice engine, much better made than a Command and easier to work on also. Your better judgement would have been to throw this away, as the bottom of one of the cylinders was damaged when it blew, but it was of no consequence. Runs like a top.
Since I have moved to the commercial side of my shop all I see a majority of Kawasaki engines. They are nice to work on, run great and a high quality engine. I like taking the blower housing off compared to a Kohler.

I am going to Kawasaki School for 3 days in the next few weeks...I dont normally like going to schools anymore, but I really am looking forward to this one. It is for Fuel Injection.

The main problem I see over and over with Kawasaki twin cylinder engines are the coils go bad. of course it will be one or the other, and NOT both this drives the user NUTS...drives technicians nuts too if they dont know how to diagnose it!

Carb kits for Kawasaki engines would be nice since when u disassemble a kawasaki carb the orings swell and cant be reused.

Other than that...I like Kawasaki a lot!
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Good point about the blower housing removal, espescially since this is a maintenance item. Remove the recoil, loosen 4 bolts, and it's off.
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