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Question about Kohler KT series Engines

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Hi all, when I purchased my Power King a couple of months ago the sell had a twin opposed engine sitting next to the PK and asked if I wanted it he wanted it out of has way. It had no cooling tins on it and he thought it was an Onan, I walked by it for a couple of months looking at it but never really looked it over. Yesterday I looked closer and discovered it a Kohler KT but with no cooling tins its a guess as to which one, so is there anyway to determine what model and series it is without disassembling the engine. I know I can remove the head and measure the bore & stroke that will tell me if its a 17 or 19 hp but is there and thing that will tell the series?
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Not really. Mostly internally different and there are 2 version of the 17 and 19. My guess would be Kohler sold many more 17s than 19s. If it is a series one engine do not put much money in it. Roger
Thanks Roger, I kind of thought that might be the deal, but was hoping maybe there were some numbers on the case. No I'm not going to spend much money on it.
AFAIK,all 19 horse were Series II:dunno:
Thanks oldsarge
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