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Question about GC2300

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What do I need to know when shopping for a used GC2300 . Are there any paticular year modles to stay clear of , or any paticular options too look for?
Or any weakness or strengths that one should consider when choseing a modle . Thanks George
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I'm not real familiar with these other than a friend @ work has a new GC2410 back hoe unit. It is a great tractor and has performed well for him so far (50 hours). I believe they are made by IESKI (spelling?).
He did some FEL work for me and I was thoroughly impressed with the little tractors power. I had a 30"+ stump ground off and had ALOT of mulch/grindings to move. He made about 30+ trips with a full bucket everytime, no balast whatsoever except for his 200lbs in the seat. I liked that it did not leave depressions in my yard either. He has the skid steer industrial tires on it.
That company has been around a long time and make good engines so I'm told. as far as older models I cannot comment. I do know he went with the newer model over a leftover only for the 2 pedal hydro control over the older rocker pedal design. He has commented that the older style may have well been better as fatigue sometimes set in and fwd/rev can be a problem with big feet. again this is taken from one owners comments when talking tractors 2 work.

Good luck in the hunt.

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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