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Question about GC2300

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What do I need to know when shopping for a used GC2300 . Are there any paticular year modles to stay clear of , or any paticular options too look for?
Or any weakness or strengths that one should consider when choseing a modle . Thanks George
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Yes they are a nice machine I,ve been compareing them with the John Deere
2305 an 2320 an glanceing at the Kubota as well . I,ve found a GC2300 with 70hrs on it for around 8200 an john Deere 2305 with 100hrs for 9500 . The Massey has strouger hydralics an lifting capacity an weighs about the same as the Deere . There both nice machines an we,ve always had red paint at our house. It just seems unreal when you look at the new prices of these machines though. An to think at a farm sale this week a 65hp New Holland tractor with front end loader that looked new sold for 14000. Ha! but don,t believe they make belly mowers for those.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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