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Question about GC2300

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What do I need to know when shopping for a used GC2300 . Are there any paticular year modles to stay clear of , or any paticular options too look for?
Or any weakness or strengths that one should consider when choseing a modle . Thanks George
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I'm not real familiar with these other than a friend @ work has a new GC2410 back hoe unit. It is a great tractor and has performed well for him so far (50 hours). I believe they are made by IESKI (spelling?).
He did some FEL work for me and I was thoroughly impressed with the little tractors power. I had a 30"+ stump ground off and had ALOT of mulch/grindings to move. He made about 30+ trips with a full bucket everytime, no balast whatsoever except for his 200lbs in the seat. I liked that it did not leave depressions in my yard either. He has the skid steer industrial tires on it.
That company has been around a long time and make good engines so I'm told. as far as older models I cannot comment. I do know he went with the newer model over a leftover only for the 2 pedal hydro control over the older rocker pedal design. He has commented that the older style may have well been better as fatigue sometimes set in and fwd/rev can be a problem with big feet. again this is taken from one owners comments when talking tractors 2 work.

Good luck in the hunt.

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I dont own one, but have been checking them out sence the company came out with them. I realy like the tractor. Its a real good size for me. Im 6'3" tall, and the BX's and the small sub JD's were a little tight for me. The MF felt a lot more roomy. I do with they came with a tach though [unless they added them in later years.]
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Yes they are a nice machine I,ve been compareing them with the John Deere
2305 an 2320 an glanceing at the Kubota as well . I,ve found a GC2300 with 70hrs on it for around 8200 an john Deere 2305 with 100hrs for 9500 . The Massey has strouger hydralics an lifting capacity an weighs about the same as the Deere . There both nice machines an we,ve always had red paint at our house. It just seems unreal when you look at the new prices of these machines though. An to think at a farm sale this week a 65hp New Holland tractor with front end loader that looked new sold for 14000. Ha! but don,t believe they make belly mowers for those.
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I've been lokking at the 2300 since it came out, had actually decided to buy a 2400 (has a tac& better dash layout) but the dealer closed up. You might check with Agco finance, they get repo's in and resell them.
I bought a GC2310 three years ago and now have 385 hours on it. The only mechanical issues I've had are 6 or 7 broken hazard lights on the rops, mostly due to tree branches but the last one was a house, cracked headlight unit from snow coming over the bucket when piling (I don't think that will be an issue for you, but if you get a loader, gravel and dirt or anything else could be if you lift it high enough) and the BIGGY-- broken screwball in the loader joystick, twice!

Parts cost, hazard lights- about 6 bucks ea. at TSC, polycarbonate headlight unit- $102 at the Massey store and the screwballs (pivots)- 20 bucks ea. at the Massey store. For me to go to the nearest Massey store means dig out the passport and drive 64 miles round trip, mostly in a foreign country.

Polycarbonate is a designers dream to squeeze the best possible aerodynamic flow out of the headlight area at the front of a vehicle. A very important consideration for a vehicle with a top speed of 8 1/2 mph. The GC2400 has a redesigned hood that provides at least some overhead protection for the headlights. They also wrapped a steel guard around the hazard lights to protect them. Of couse that guard sticks out even further so that it can hit the trees a little more square on. At least they put a tach on it.

I loved the treadle pedal on my 1655 but the one on my GC2310 is really hard on my knee after 4 or 5 hours of pushing snow flakes.

My attachments include FEL, backhoe and 5' back blade. The weaknesses that I have found are minor in nature as you can tell, but I have heard of one that is serious, but can be dealt with fairly easily. The transmission oil filter is somewhat exposed, and if hit by an obstruction as you drive over, will break the $750 transmission case. A skid plate will protect it. Found this out by Googling 'GC2310'.

Strengths? It's a bear! More push than a Jewish mother-in-law! And pull to match. With low range, four wheel drive and a diff lock, if you get stuck YOU screwed up. Controls are all within easy reach and operate super smooth. Glow plugs will get it started at 10F. colder than that you need a block heater. At -10F a little extra help from a heat gun will ensure starting. Haven't had to boost it yet, but it only went down to -22F last winter.

All around, I'm glad I bought it. I checked out JD and Kubota tractors in the same class, but they didn't have the same level of comfort. Besides, I like red!I put 90 hours on it pushing snow flakes last winter, sometimes as much as 9 hours a day. Turf tires, NO chains and she still pulled a couple of cars out of the snow banks.

Hope this helps.

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I bought one in 2003. Had it up till last year when I traded it for a newer Ranger truck. Never had a problem with it. The only thing I regreted was not spending a little more and buying the 2310 with the backhoe.
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