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Quality 30-32" walk behind for home use?

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I want a quality walk behind in the 30-32" range. I don't need commercial duty, but I do appreciate quality and can't stand junk. So I'll pay for something nice to have it forever. I have 1/2 acre with lots of turns and elevation changes. I've been reading about Toro/exmark 30, cub cadet (MTD), gravely, etc. I'm pretty lost. Any suggestions? $1000 is great, $2000 is tops.
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The Toro TimeMaster is priced around $1,000 ....
I checked it out today and also the exmark version (I liked it much better) which is $1800. I'm thinking a small john deere d110 will fit the bill. I posted over the JD section about that.
I like the idea of the Timemaster but the quality is not there. I have a friend who wants a larger walk behind as well. There are only a couple options.

1) Exmark Metro 26 (only 26 inches though)
2) Toro Proline 32 T-bar
3) Toro Proline 36 T-bar

I would stay away from anything new.
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I've been using the 30" Exmark since the start this season, commercial lawn service, cutting mostly back yards and small lawns, have about 65 hours on it so far. I love it! The 26" is no longer in production and had a LOT of mechanical issues. The time master is very similar, just cheaper engine and the personal pace handle. You would most likely want to put a set of the "commercial" blades on the time master. They are the same style blade just with more lift. Biggest complaint with the time masters was poor cut and that's almost 100% due to blades with almost no lift. The cut quality on my exmark is excellent.

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Billy Goat shows a nice lookin' 32" SP / Twin blade finish mower.
No not that one
This one -
I really like the ExMark version of the Time Master, very well built machines and I have seen few problems with them.

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