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QT17 Engine Swap

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I have a QT17 with no engine ! I can get a Kohler OHC18 cheap . Can I make the Kohler OHC18 work in my QT17?
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Yes, if crankshaft is same if not you have to adapt, my two cents.
I think the OHC18 is 1" and the KT17 that would have been original engine is 1 1/8" which I am sure I could find an adapter to correct that . Otherwise just the general wiring , gas etc I guess ? Thanks
A 1" ID x 1.125" OD sleeve adapter with a stepped key is readily available on eBay, etc.
Should be an easy swap.
Thank guys ! Will see if engine still available !
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Which way would I mount the OHC18 (rotation) compared to the KT17 ? The other end has the crank stub , looks like 3"-4" long .
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If I'm thinking right the original engine runs CCW,so you will need to know which way that engine runs
All Kohler engines run CW looking at flywheel end, do mean what way the engine mounts in tractor ? It mounts flywheel to hydro.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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