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Putting the new 214 to work on topdressing duty

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I got 8 yards of compost today to top dress the yard. The perfect opportunity to use the new 214 I picked up Tuesday. It might be me, or it might be the 214, but I seemed to have trouble getting it out of 3rd gear and back into neutral. Not serious but I think I had to wiggle the shifter. Is this a common problem? No such trouble using second gear. I can't really complain for 2 Benjamins. Here are some pictures:

Here she is with a full load:

Why did I have them dump the pile in the sun?

And the top-dressed front yard:
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Why did I have them dump the pile in the sun?
It's cooled off enough here that I welcome a bit of sun. For when it's hot, I have a portable umbrella with a weighty cast iron base that I move around to give me shade.

I also added an umbrella holder to my log splitter.

I have a bunch of compost to spread on my lawn but it's too wet so it will have to wait until next year.
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First of all, please tell me that's an old picture and that you still have some leaves on the trees. I'm not ready for winter just yet..
Ja, old pic. The trees out on the perimeter are dropping their leaves but the ones in the yard aren't yet because of all the fertilizing I do. The weather prognosticators are calling for a high of 61°F today. Got some mowing and sweeping to do today.

I wish I could find an old workhorse for $200 around here. I sure could use another tractor and something to put a snow blade on.
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