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Putting the massey to good use

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We had snow all last night and all of today so I had lots of seat time in so far.The 7 foot rear blade has proven itself to be very capable of moving lots of snow and the front loader bucket is a real pleasure to use.What used to take me hours to do now takes me minutes.I do want to hook up more lighting though,I cant realy see the rear blade very well and with the loader up it blocks the head lightes.The days are getting longer and soon spring will be here (I hope) so the lighting project can wait untill then.I have to say the 1529 has done everything I have asked of it with no complaints.Pushing,pulling,dragging,lifting this machine is everything I need and more.I plan to get a set of pallet forks that attatch to the loader arms and not the bucket this spring and I have many uses for them comming up.This machine is by far the best investment I have made in a very long time.
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Please don't tease us! :wwp:
Icey, Did you ever completed that lighting task? If so I would be interested in seing the end results. I also have a MF 1529 and I must say I really like it. Cheers.
Same here, any lighting results?
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