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putting a weed eater engine on a bicycle?

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Ok i looked on here trying to see if anybody has tried to put a weed eater engine on a bicycle. I seen kits online im not looking for the friction kind. So my question is it possible to hook the engine up to where the pedals are, you know remove the pedals and some how rig the engine up that way or is that completly crazy! I just dont know i cant find anything on this?:banghead3
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About 15 years ago, I went to a garage sale and picked up a "Chicken Power" motor. It drove the wheel of a bicycle with a friction wheel rubbing on the tire.

I remember it said on the box, Chicken Power, the power of 550 chickens (less than 1 hp)

We mounted it on a co-workers son's bike, it pulled good,

I shoulda kept it....have box and everything...would be antique

edit: I found pictures!!


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