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pushing dirt around

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just more pictures of my re-grading my front yard project. improving the drainage or just playing in the dirt... you decide

Pat S.
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I think you're having way too much fun :trink40:.
Putting your tractor to work ,and having fun driving it, is what it's all about. Nice pictures.....:thThumbsU
Nice pics. I need one for the Gravely. Yours seems to be pushing that dirt around nicely. Last time I played in the dirt like that it was on a Ford 3930, a little bigger piece of machinery, but still fun none the less!
You ARE having too much fun! lol I know, cuz I have the same kind of fun on 3 acres.

WAY too much fun! I wish the dirt in my yard was that easily moved. Between the clay and the rocks it's really a job. I do like the jump ramp.
i see the jump but i dont see the YZ250.
You're at least the 3rd guy on here with a wooden blade or scoop. Looks like you are having a ball!
Way too much fun. I have several that I can use a plow blade on including a ZTR.
Do you want to trade set-ups?:trink40:


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How did you train your tractor to do all that work without anyone driving it?
nice blade setup!
How did you train your tractor to do all that work without anyone driving it?
:sidelaugh I thought the same thing.

I also noticed that at the end of the ramp, and if you're going fast enough............POW! Right into the tree...just beyond the bird bath.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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