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Push mowers you missed or failed to get

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What push mowers have you missed out getting in the past that you regret?

Around 2000- 2003, a commercial mower shop had a new silver colored Tru-Cut low profile 21" non-SP with the W/R 2-cycle. Believe it was mulch only, but that's my memory. I didn't get it because the wheels were bolt-on type adjustable. The deck was similar to the picture below, really thick. Wish I had it now, but you know that feeling.


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In the late 1980's I was in the market for a new mower.... at least new to me. I had it narrowed down to a Brand New Snapper commerical push with the WR 2cycle and a slightly used SP Suzuki Toro with BBC. To maintain the marital bliss I went with the Toro as it was cheaper AND self propelled. I still to this day would like to own a mower with a WR on it. Ironically, the mower I was selling was a Snapper that had an identical Tecumseh TVXL840 2cycle to the one I have now.
Earlier in the summer I was heading up to Holland Michigan for a weekend camping trip. Before I left, I checked Craigslist in Holland just for the heck of it and saw a Lawn-Boy with the Duraforce engine and the Gold package for only $50! I emailed and asked if I could mail his a check to hold it or pay him right away via PalPal. He didn't have PayPal and ended up selling it before I could work out a deal :(
I was at an auction earlier this year and missed a commercial 3 speed Duraforce. Something like 6 auctioneers going at once in different places. I was waiting for one to get to the snowblower I was interrested in when they started at the other place. I later found out it sold for $20! I ended up leaving empty handed as The snowblower went for too much anyway.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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