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Purchasing a tiller and front snow plow for a 322

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I found a real steal on a tiller and a front plow for my 322 a guy had them on a 318 and I'm just curious he said he has everything to hook up and run the tiller but I want to make sure when I go to get everything. What's required?
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Only thing different is the belt for front PTO on blower.


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He may have been running that on a 317 but not a 318. That model works with the closed rear end found on 317, 316 (Kohler early model), 314, 312, but not on 316 later, 318, 322, or 332.
Many folks don't realize that JD changed the rear to the open style and those attachments that fit the closed rear machines no longer worked with the open rear end. The advantage was a true 3pt cat 0 hitch was available for the open rear machines.
All front attachments work through the whole 3xx series, could need a few things like different belts but they will all work.
Make sure you get the model of that snowblower though, it looks like the model that mounts to the JD 400 and that wouldn't fit a 3xx series machine.
The telltale on the blower is that the Model 49 that fits the 3xx series doesn't have the hydraulic chute control.
Again, anything that fit a JD 400 will not fit directly to a 3xx series machine.
If he had a 3xx machine there just have him show you that it mounts properly up front. The frame size of the JD 400 is different and they won't fit properly on the mount points on a 3xx machine.
Yep, test anything for mounting before buying since he has one sitting there! I'm not saying he's wrong because you can with some effort make anything work on different models.
You're welcome, love mine too! You definitely don't want to end up buying something that doesn't work on your machine. I don't mind modifying/fixing things but I want to know what I'm getting into up front.
1 - 10 of 24 Posts
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