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Purchased Used Snapper 331313BE RER for $250!

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum. My name is Erin or you can call me Iris also. I have a big front lawn and was killing myself trying to mow it with a walk behind.

So, I found a guy selling a 1994 Snapper. It's a 33" deck, single blade, 13 HP Brigg's, Rear engine rider with a bagger.

The guy said it needed carborator work because it was finicky and refused to start sometimes then ran ruff when it did. I researched the model before we went to take a look at it.

When we got there I looked and the original fuel filter was still on the mower, the gas cap was busted, seat torn up but other then that it looked to be in good condition. The bagger was new and cost the guy $300. He was asking $250 for the mower with the bagger!

I figured if the fuel filter had never been changed then I bet the air filter, spark plug and other general maintenance hadn't been done. It ran when the guy pull started it and showed us that it drove. He said the electric start never worked since he originally purchased it from a friend back in 03.

I knew it would be a great deal if I could get it running nice again and figured it just needed a few things. If not then the bagger alone was worth the price.

So got it home and it ran, ruff but cut and bagged. Then died and wouldn't start. The pull start was whinning and needed oiled too.

So here's what I ordered and fixed:

took apart and Oiled Pull starter (watched a youtube video to show me how ;))
Changed in-line fuel filter
Ordered new fuel cap (would prefer not to blow myself up while mowing the lawn)
Ordered new muffler (old one was broken and rattled like a rusty bucket of nails)
Put in new spark plug (lets not talk about how cruddy the old one was)
Took off motor shields and cleaned out years of dirt and grass from the motor heat sinks.
Put in new battery (old bloated one was useless)
Ordered new solonoid just in case I needed it.
Ordered new deferential plugs for when I change the oil

The thing runs like a champ now! :)
Plus, the only reason it wouldn't electric start is because the battery was toast. Put a new battery in and it fired right up! :) I was certain it was going to need a new solonoid, starter or something but it was just the battery.

So, I'm so thrilled with my very first riding mower! That thing runs and the "hi-vac" or whatever it's called sounds like a wind vortex and it really helps suck thatch right out of the lawn.

Now all I need is a new seat and it will look almost brand new and run like it too :)

I purchased a "thatcherizer" for it but I got the wrong one. The one I have is for a walk behind mower not the RER mower. The brackets are different but it's the same thatcher. Now I need to find the right brackets or find a way to make it work.

So that's my Snapper story. I can't believe it runs!
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Congratulations Erin, You have definitely scored! Just goes to show how ignorant, negligent or even lazy a lot of people are when it comes to machinery maintenance and care. Best of luck with your prize, look after it with a bit of TLC and it will serve you well for many years.....
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