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Purchase advice for a rookie

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I'm new to garden tractors and am looking to purchase one for use on 3 acres of mildly hilly land with not many trees. Any advice on recs for deck size, HP needed or any other options I should look for? Do zero turn models have any utility on hilly land and are they able to have accessories like carts, fertilizers or aerators attached? Any advice on brands or models would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to avoid having the Ferrari of garden tractors when a Ford would work. Thanks.
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My advice is to buy more than you thing you need. If buying new I spent almost as much as the $2500 you want to stay below in 1977. In today's money that would be around $8,000. I'm still using the 35 year old GT, I replace the engine last spring and don't plan on buying another mower.
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