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Purchase advice for a rookie

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I'm new to garden tractors and am looking to purchase one for use on 3 acres of mildly hilly land with not many trees. Any advice on recs for deck size, HP needed or any other options I should look for? Do zero turn models have any utility on hilly land and are they able to have accessories like carts, fertilizers or aerators attached? Any advice on brands or models would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to avoid having the Ferrari of garden tractors when a Ford would work. Thanks.
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If you don't have many obstacles or trees to go around, look for the largest deck you feel comfortable with. 60 inch would be a start.

ZTR's are able to pull light loads, a plug aerator would be pushing it. If its just a spike aerator, it'll be fine. Like lighter duty lawn tractors, excessive use of a ZTR to tow will shorten the hydro drive motors' life span.

Is this property already developed? Home and lawn already established? Any landscaping projects planned? Any pictures of the property?

The more info you give us on what you're planning to do, need to do, want to do; help us narrow the choices down. For some, 3 acres is a blurry line between garden tractor and subcompact utility tractor. (GT and SCUT)

And most importantly, what's your budget?
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