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Purchase a JD X570, X580, or X590?

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Hello folks!

I am new to the form and I need help\feedback on my first tractor purchase. In a quick overview, I live on a half acre lot that is on a hillside with an incline of around 15-20 degrees. The front of my house has fairly flat land going to the street, but the back portion is the hardest to mow. I am needing a rider that will be able to handle the incline long term and also be able to pull a cart possibly at some points. A majority of the time it will be used for mowing. I plan on living in the house long term, but if we ever do move it will be to a equal or bigger size piece of property. I grew up on a large piece of property and would like to eventually have some land and build, but that is far into the future. I know I want a John Deere and know it will be an X500 series tractor as I need the transmission and diff lock. At first I looked at the X570, and then I made the mistake of looking into the higher models with power steering and hydraulic lift :)

Now, I am in a state of trying to figure out which would be best to invest in long term. Money is a factor as I want to get the best deal I can, but I am more interested in getting the best tractor for me long term. I am wanting to stay with a 48” inch deck as I have storage limitations with my garage space. I have spoke with my local dealers, I have two, and they both recommend at least the X570 now after seeing my pictures of my land. At first they thought the X380 could handle it until they saw pictures and changed it to the X570 as it had a better transmission. I am now wondering if the power steering and hydro lift are worth the extra money, and maybe even as high as the X590 with the EFI. I am stuck and have been researching this topic like crazy across several forms. Most of the items I am reading point me to get the X590 and spend the extra $1.7k for the long term investment, but man that is a big jump from the X570. I have tried to see if the dealers can offer the X580 in a 48”, and only one has said they can possibly do it but will have to order it separate from the deck and attach it once it gets in. The other dealer says it is impossible. This would give me a good midway point between the X570 and X590, but is it a good choice or should I just suck it up and go to the X590? I would be lying if I didn’t say the Frankenstein assembly of the X580 worries me a bit as I am not sure how JD feels about honoring the warranty on a custom setup, but it could be fine. The X584 has not been in my assessment much as I am not too comfortable with the 4 wheel steer as I think it could be problematic long term. This is just my opinion and thoughts as I do not have experience with it.

Overall, I am really looking for some input from the members here on their experience and insight into the different models and whether you think it would be worth while going into the X590 and get the EFI or just stick with the X570 or maybe the X580 if it can be done with a warranty still in place. Is it possible I am looking at too much tractor? Am I crazy for thinking X590 for my needs and I will be the laughing stock of the subdivision? Is the PS, hydro lift, and EFI really worth it? Price wise I cannot seem to get any better pricing than $150 off the list price for anything right now until fall or winter rebates come of which I am not sure how much they will be. Both have said they are coming but it is unknown which models they will be for or how much. These guys are really being hard on price and not even willing to negotiate with cash offer vs financing. Probably better to wait until then but I am still stuck on what I want to get. :tango_face_sad:

Any help and feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Just curious, what did you end up getting? I've got an x590 myself and I have some pretty nasty hills and it doesn't care as long as that dif lock is engaged.
I have owned a 2007 X500 (equivalent to the X570) and now own an X580. The reasoning for stepping up to the X580:
Getting older, I have sciatica in my left leg, my lawn has lots of trees and roots. Pressing that deck lift pedal was making me useless the next day . Power steering is nice. It is my undestanding that the spindles on the Power steering model is more robust. The X500/X570 share the X300 spindle assembly. Plenty of owners have had issues with the manual steering gear. The gear teeth get damaged. The X580 utilizes a transmission filter. My 580 came with a 21" deluxe seat. Never had an issue with starting with the manual choke carb setup. (I live in a temperate climate and do not have to deal with snow, or freezing temperatures. If you do, you may prefer the added cost of the EFI 590) I was told that fuel effeciency isnt any better with EFI. I do wish I had the adjustable steering wheel of the 590 though.
A few things, the X580 is a great machine, but the 590 gets about 20% better fuel economy according to Kawasaki. Beside longer engine life, you gets the ECM with the EFI which gives you more constant power across the band- which means almost impossible to bog the engine down. Carburetors have been around forever and many people comfortable with them- but there is a reason why cars all come with Fuel injection these days- its better for many reasons
Just discovered this resurrected from the dead thread. There are some interesting view points here. I'll add mine for future viewers who find this and have a similar question.

I now have used an X300, X534, and X749 on my property which has some slope (some spots as much as 18-20 degrees). It also has some that has to be mowed side slope, due to obstacles. It also has a fair number of obstacles and tight areas.

The X300 was a decent mower, but I never really liked using it. Even after I upgraded the rear tires to bar tires and had them filled with beet juice, I would still get stuck at least once or twice a year.

A couple of years ago I got serious about upgrading. For the new price of an X584, I could get a used X729 or X739 (just not available locally). I studied and searched for a long time. Eventually, I found a used X534. It was about half the price of new. It had some issues, but it let me see that for mowing, the X700 series would probably be too big for my property.

This year I decided I wanted a baby tractor (I have a CUT) and didn't care if it was too big for mowing. I found an X749 after a long search. It too has issues that I am working on addressing. But, I have tried using it for my normal mowing tasks. I really don't like it for that. Here is why:
  1. It is heavier than all my other tractors. This really does make a noticable difference, in both good (traction) and bad (compaction) ways. For a baby tractor this is fine. For a mower, it is not.
  2. While the AWD and AWS is really nice, the combination really does leave marks in the grass and even in the gravel. But, so does my X534 and even my X300. It is possible that the front axle needs to be adjusted relative to the rear as well as the proportioning valve for left to right turning. If so, that might improve it some. But going around in a circle is going to put pressure on the ground. AWD makes it easier to get around faster. 2WS will just slide the front wheel, but that will also tear up the grass if you have stickier tires and go fast.
  3. The X749 is up higher and feels tippy. I really notice this on my 15-20 degree side slope. It does not feel safe to me. Going up and down is fine. My property has a lot of sloped areas and going side slope is necessary at some points. Funny thing is the X749 feels WAY more stable than my CUT. But, my CUT has about 8" more ground clearance than my X749.

I do like AWS and AWD for agility. They are great together. But, all that magic does come at a price.
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