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Pulling trailers -ball hitch vs "standard"

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I have two different trailer receivers on the various trailers around here. One is the typical automotive 2" ball hitch and the other is the common garden trailer type. That means that I have to install or remove the ball from the rear hitch on the 4 wheel tractors depending on which trailer I need to move. Has anyone come up with an elegant way of dealing with this issue? I was thinking about a 2" ball hitch adapter but was considering various designs.
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Made out of 6" angle iron. 2" receiver tube x 6" long. Trailer tongue height is generally set for ~18" high for a standard tag-a-long trailer. This results in needing to use a ball that is much higher than the standard hitch to keep the jack out of the dirt. With a receiver, I can keep a low tongue for pin hitch attachments, different ball sizes and heights for any attachment, and the hitch hauler for toting junk around the yard.

For those that want to know how strong is it? It will pick the front up long before it bends. Pulled a 22' full inboard ski boat no problem... it's moved everything it's been hooked to.

More Pictures Here

Very nice 816S Jimmy, how long have you had it?
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