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Pulling Tractors

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I just came from a tractor pull this afternoon where I realised that the stock class and altered was pretty much dominated by M-Ms. Why is that?
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i think it varies by location. at the pulls i've seen in connecticut, the two-banger Deeres are everywhere, all shined up and decked out, and there's only a couple dusty farmalls and an Oliver to round out the group...

also, i've heard the deeres are good for pulling because most of the weight is near the rear axle...

up here its mostly deeres and farmalls that dominate unless your talking about the modified class then its usually a case
There were plenty of JD As and Bs, but they weren't winning.
the JD A's and B's were all the decked out puller-tractors at the pulls i've seen. wide tires, overbores, weight racks, etc. so naturally they beat the stock farmall M's and H's with no fancy stuff. i think it just depends on how popular and how numerous any certain tractor is in a given location.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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