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pulleys on ss 18

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On a SS18 with the onan twin, mine has a quad stack pulley. the first one, next to the motor, is where the belt that pulls the tractor goes. Is the pulley for the mower deck belt the next one, or the one after? And does anyone know what size belt that takes? From the motor, thru the mule gear, and to the mower.
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Thanks for the replys. That picture helped a lot.
Well, now it wont even crank. I swear, I have been working on this thing for 7-8 YEARS now, I get it running perfect, and then suddenly it wont run at all. Cleaned the carb to a point that I dont see any way it can be the problem. Replaced the intake and all the gaskets. Points....... Time after time. Had it where you could stand beside it and crank the key, with the tractor in gear, and it crunk instantly and would roll away. After a bad storm a month or so ago I used it to haul away blown over trees, and it never missed a beat. Put the deck back on and started mowing and suddenly, it wont even run anymore. VERY discouraging against onans.
I have put 2 used belts on it and it twisted both. One was the one that was on it last time I used it, and the other was one off my ST16. I measured the last one, thinking I had mistakenly put the wrong belt on, a longer one, but it measured 102 inches.

As for it not cranking, I found one speck of trash under the needle, so that may have been the problem there. Still cant get it to stop hunting though. Tried adjusting the points while it was running, that MAY have helped a little. Tried squirting WD40 on all the carb and intake gaskets while it was running to see if it was pulling air there, doesnt seem to be. The adjustment screws dont seem to be pulling air either.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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