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Pulley swapping and putting v tread duals on a John Deere STX38

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Just want to see what others think about this. I do know that parts will or may break when tested. And also was wondering what a good pulley in the rear would be and then in the front.
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Why do you want to do this, go faster/slower....More traction????

This is a light duty tractor. Mods of this type will tear things up
Its for Drive Your Tractor to school day. I know that it sound crazy but its only a temporary thing. I'm switching the pulleys back to stock after the event. Plus I have a second rear differential for it. I got it awhile back.
You still haven't said if you're you trying to speed it up or give it more low end grunt.
haha I like those tractors, but put a bigger 5" or 6" engine pulley on and see how it goes, not sure what will fit up there after you get the pto clear etc. Probably have to get a different belt, report results.
I've heard people use 5" in the front and 2" for the rear diff pulley. And and a 98" belt.
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