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Pulley not coming off jackshaft.

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Working on a 96 Murray 42" Murray Ultra.
Trying to pull the pulley off the jackshaft and it won't come off.
It looks like it's part of the jack shaft. I don't see any keyway or splines.
Now, the other jack shaft I was able to take the pulley off.
It's possible that at the factory they used two different jackshafts.
Been the only owner since new.
Has anyone come across this. How did you get the pulley off of this style
Here is a pic of the pulley on the jackshaft.


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The splines are there, I can see them. Time to break out the penetrating oil. If it were me I would open the jaws on my bench vice enough to fit the jackshaft through and suspend the assembly by the pulley. I would then moderately wack the end of the jackshaft using a scrap piece of wood in between the shaft and hammer. If I didn't have a vice I would hold the assembly upside down on a scrap piece of wood and moderately wack the back of the pulley with a rubber mallet. It will come free, you just got lucky on the other one.
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Got the pulley off today. Took about ten minutes.
Turned the pulley and jackshaft upside down and hit the pulley close to its center and it came off.
That collar on to top was threaded on. The jack shaft did have splines but the bottom part of the spline was worn out.
Looks like the jackshaft had that defect from the factory. Instead of replacing the jackshaft someone decided to weld a little metal to that top collar so that the collar would screw on and then torqued down to hold the
pulley on. Looks like a lot of labor to do that instead of just getting another
jackshaft to do the job right.
The other was fine and did not have the collar.
Even the parts manuel does not show collars to hold the pulley on ; only
the large nuts are screwed on to the jackshafts keeping the pulley on.
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