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PTO won’t engage on JD 314

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I have a JD 314 and the PTO will not engage. I was mowing and turned off the PTO so I could lower the cutting height with the knob. After I lowered the cutting height the PTO would not re engage. The tractor turns on and runs just fine. The hydraulic lift on the deck works fine as well. I took apart the tractor, made sure the clutch did not need adjusted, checked the wiringing, and checked belts and blades to make sure they still move. I was thinking it must be electrical, but when I try to start the tractor with the pto engage it won’t start, as expected. This means there is some signal going from the pto switch to the ignition saying it is engaged preventing it from starting. The only weird wire I found was a seat kill switch wire located under the seat. I never even knew I had this. I bought the tractor in December and to my knowledge it never came with a kill switch. I took off the seat and as expected there was nothing to connect it too.

Any idea on why pto won’t engage and what should I do with these kill switch wires? If I didn’t have a kill switch to begin with, it makes me think pto issue is unrelated.
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That can happen if the battery drains during use. Toss it on a charger for a bit the see if the pto kicks back on. Also can happen if the air gap on the pto isn't set properly.
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