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PTO Problems

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Hello all,

It's been awhile, but I guess it s good thing to not have problems with your tractor. However; I have a question for all the Yanmar experts. I found a leak around the PTO shaft and have made an estmated guess that the seal wear collar was going bad. When I pulled the PTO cover off I notice two cracks in the main PTO bearing and it literally fell apart in my hands. I have ordered all the bearing and seals but one fatal mistake. I did not take any pictures when I took it all apart and I am now confused as to which way the end bearing w/snap goes on. The bearing I am refering to is the last on on the PTO shaft that has the snap ring around it. Here is the order as I think according to the picture from Hoye tractor: first - seal wear collar, seal, bearing, PTO gear, PTO shaft washer, bearing w/snap ring, PTO washer spacer and finally the end snap ring. Am I close? IF this is correct, which way does the bearing w/snap ring face? Does the snap ring side face towards the PTO gear or the other direction? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I don't won't to screw this up and have to pull it back off only to spend more money. Thanks.

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I agree with your order and believe the snap ring side of the bearing goes toward the gear. That will allow the bearing to go into the transmission case. :fing32:
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