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pto noise on 2640

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two weeks ago replaced pilot bearing, thrust bearing, clutch disc and pressure plate on a 2640.

while trans oil was drained we dicided to fix oil leaking from pto stub shaft.
replaced o-ring, oil seal and thrust washer(washer was flatened and broke in about 10 pieces) located between housing and gear. did not have to pull any gears or shafts, all was replaced from just removing quill housing only.

after quill housing installed, I&T manual said to adjust the negative stop screw located on outside of quill housing which we did.

started engine and when tried pto we could hear a clanking noise that sounded like it was right behind the pto stub shaft. when increased throttle speed the noise goes away. My son thinks it could be slop noise from the straight gears we saw when removed housing. It did look like there was some play between them.

Not sure if noise was there before, as we bought last april and only used pto for sq. baler three times last summer. never turned pto on before attaching baler. Once baler is on and running it would have been hard to hear the noise. Even now the engine noise almost drowns out this pto gear noise.

Any ideas?

We did put the pressure plate with heavyduty pto dammper on when replaced broken one two weeks before this fix. The old pp was standard one and did not have the additional heavyduty pto dammper.

Questioning if new pp could transfer existing sounds better, if new thrust washer on gear, or adjustment of negative stop screw has any bearing on this noise?

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Welcome to the forum! :Welcome1: Hopefully, our mechanics (such as jd110) can from a long distance help you diagnose the root causes. :)
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