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Proud Owner of a 1952 8N

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Bought a 1952 8N with a 5 foot and Bush hog all for under $900 at an estate sale a week ago. I wasn't going to bid on it as I am handicapped and didn't think I could get on it. But I was looking at it the night before and thought I would give it a try as I grew up on a farm. Much to my surprise I was able to get on it and even drive it. I looked up the serial # but can't quite make it all out. Any help on figuring out the complete serial # would appreciated.


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Wow, cool deal, so glad ya got it!! :thThumbsU Always an exciting feeling to win an auction especially when you weren't anticipating that you'd win. That's neat you grew up on a farm and it sounds like the tractor will bring back some of those memories for you.

Looking forward to hearing more and thanks for the pictures and thread!
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Congratulations. Serial number looks like 8N419173 to me, which would make it a 1951 8N.
Congratulations on your winning bid. I agree it looks like 8N419173 but then my eyes ain't what they once were. The 51 and 52 models were the best of the N series tractor IMHO and it should give you good service. I would suggest giving it a complete fluid change in all compartments so you know what you are starting out with.
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Wow, great deal, great tractor. In fact, I learned to drive on my dad's 8N, somewhere around 1958, long before I should have. But those were different times. Had to stand on the foot rests to use the double brakes and the clutch. As I recall, the 6V system was always fun getting it started, especially if cold outside. Have a great time with it!!
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Thanks everyone for the help, I wasn't certain if that was a 9. Zoom in on the serial # and you will see that the 2nd number is a 4 which does make it a 52.
I learned that when dealing with serial numbers like that, it's best to take a picture then, if you have a picture editing program sometimes you can edit the brightness or contrast or anything else you have to extremes and the number becomes easier to read.
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