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Proof meter / speedo needle

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My speedo / proof meter needle broke, can you buy needle only ??
Have not been able to find any and hate to have to purchase complete tack/speedo. tractor is Ford 600.
Thanks for your time
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Those break frequently. I have had success on many proofmeters by taking a good needle off a rusted out proofmeter I picked up for dirt cheap, spray painting the needle white, then swapping the needle on the good proofmeter.

Takes a little time, but better than the price of a new one.

Well, if anybody has a rusty ole one layin round.................. buzz me :thanku:
SOOOOO.... I'm still looking for that 'needle in a haystack'.
Best I can do is offer one broken just like yours... new ones really are not that expensive if you shop around. I have found them for under $40 at times.
im rebuilding an original proofmeter now to sell, if your interested pm me.
Well, I guess I'll try the Epoxy route and see if she holds
Thanks anyhow:thanku:
I got one with the glass and needle intact. You can have it for shipping!
Thanks Bob, I have now Epoxied mine and will see if it holds, if not I will contact you.
Thanks again
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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