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Promaster 300 / 20HP

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Ran across this listing today - machine looks to be in pretty good shape. Admittedly, I'm not overly familiar with these mowers - does the 20HP Kohler work well in these machines (moving a 60" deck) and is the asking price of $950 reasonable? I've got one larger lawn area that this piece of equipment might be handy for.
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More than enough motor for that mower. If I was closer, I'd be all over that. Great wide area mower and very maneuverable. I use to operate a Ferris that was the same setup.
Homeowner use vs commercial use is a plus... looks to be in great shape and that is a very good price.
Yes they work well. They were the replacement for the PM 20-G gear driven units with the same size decks. They were available in 18 and 20 HP Kohlers and 20 HP Onans. Still can be bought as the PM-320HD with a Kawi 27 HP engine.
If that's the original paint - indicating that this unit has hardly ever been used - then the engine alone would be worth more than $950.

Of course, it might have been a heavily abused unit which was gussied-up with new paint for resale, but, for instance, I'm not seeing any cracks in the leather [vinyl] of the seat, and there's no obvious rusting anywhere, so I am thinking that it could be a really, really nice machine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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