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And I'll just bet that Willys was the coolest truck out there that day !

Being orange didn't hurt was made for the occasion.
Folks did like the orange color. They took a lot of pics with the kids holding their pumpkins. The other three trailers were pulled by tractors. There was a Ferguson 8N, Ford 9N and my old JD 4320. This is a pic from the day I delivered it. I still miss it some, but it's going to better use.


drooool My first 4 wd was a Willys Overland wagon. The trucks are very stout versions. I wouldn't update beyond the alternator Please don't hot rod it. :D
Not a chance. Nothing against folks doing the SBChevy thing, but if this engine ever gets tired I'll do a rebuild. The Super Hurricane six had a lot to do with why I got this truck.

They couldn't have picked a better truck for pumpkin picking than your old orange Willys. It really looks the part along with your hay bale filled trailer. It had to be a lot of fun being part of the festivities. Having had my '57 Jeep, and knowing it's gearing, I wouldn't have doubted the pulling ability of Li'l Will (great name, BTW) at all.

The hitch receiver turned out nicely too.

What a nice looking truck!
That had to be fun for everyone as well as you Ellis. Great way to show off your truck and put it to work.
Agreed, sounds like a fun day had by all! :tango_face_smile: Sunny too! Truck looks great!
Nice job on the hitch, Ellis, glad the day went well with the load of kids!
Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words. It was a perfect day, making smiles and getting some cool seat time. Winner, winner......chicken dinner!
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