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Progess on the Allis 410

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I moved it out of the garage to my buddys barn a couple weeks ago to make room for another project. Since then we have been sanding and priming. Almost everything is ready for paint at this point. I got the first coat on the frame and it's good to see it getting somewhere. It's been a while since I took this thing apart so when its time for reassembly I'm going to have a lot of questions. I'm doing some painting tomorrow so I'll get some pics for you guys.
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I had been wondering what happend to your Allis. Looking forward to the pics.
ahhh, looking forward to hearing/seeing the updates!!!
I would enjoy the pic's as well as I'am doing a rebuild on my 410 shuttle !
Well no pics for today guys, the temperature here didn't get above the teens so I didn't paint today. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer so I can get more one.
How do you get the pin out of the front axle?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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