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Production Runs

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Have they came close; or is anyone working on a list, by model, of the TC models, the Minneapolis models; and the MM models; the list being production numbers of different tractors of these linages? When a later model of MM comes up for sale, if this list were availible, it sure would help in deciding how serious to get in bidding... The exception for Me would be the G U Z models as I have a lot of time around these.. Thank You in advance MLGoodknight SW Oklahoma
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i have a book with production numbers it goes from beginning to end its a little sketchy on the moline and mtm numbers but has a lot of the ms&m twin city numbers. anything particular your looking for i'll try and help you out
mmm right now the GVI Diesel and LP are in question; BTW I have a few books on Moline ; not all of them, but some.. What book are these figures found in? Thank You ahead Bear
GVI diesel
lpg numbers are not listed seperate for the GVI so they likely fall under the gas numbers
hope this helps the book is minneapolis-moline farm tractors by chester peterson jr and rod beemer serial and production numbers are in the back of the book
have you got a GVI or just looking at one? what other tractors have you got?
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Yessir, that answers the question; nosir I do not own any GVI tractors; am going to be on the road at daylight; the tractors are located within 50 miles of destination, and I plan to take the time to give them a lookover.. Right now the collection consists of 1 10-30 Case 2 UTS Minnies A GB Minnie 1 70 John Deere LP Rowcrop 1948 B John Deere and a half interest in a 1935 Model A John Deere.. Hopefully very shortly I will have landed a Red Grille Row Crop U and a Red Grille Standard Minnie. Have half interest in a few W9 IHC also.. What really intrigues this little fellow is early Cat crawlers; but the large ones are totally impractical for the way I am set up. Thank You sir for the help...
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glad to help sounds like you have some nice tractors those red grille minnies look sharp good luck with getting them
Yessir; I can well remember the standar working as late as the late 50's; the owner had 3 UTS Molines; the last time I can remember the Red Grille working, all 3 of the U's were working a half section of clay ground; pulling one ways; the Red Grille was pulling a 12 foot MM one way;the other 2 Uts's were much later manufacturing; one around 1950; (the straight axle beam on lp) the other one being around a 54 model; both were pulling 14 foot Krause one ways. His son in law now has the equipment; he is one of the know everything types; that don't know his *** from a hole in the ground; so this is a catch as catch can situation; the only reason I will even concider putting up with this, is for the tractor; the other red grille is a row crop that is sadly neglected; the fellow that owns this tractor is one great fellow; He's just undecided at this point..
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how did tractor shopping go, did you get any of the minnies you went to look at
Bear, no luck on the Red Grilles; everything else seems to fall in place; circustances are keeping Me out of the market for awhile; but thats the story of all tractor nuts; have been cathin up with some of the posts; some of the folks have come up with some genuine goodies; sure tickled to see that young fellow and his Z.. Fellows like Him are what this is all about
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