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Problems with my first Truck

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As the title states, I'm having problems with my truck. It is a 1995 Chevy K2500 6.5 turbo diesel w/ 144,000 miles. My problem is that it is hard to start and is blowing lots of white smoke.
After reading some other forum sites I think my problem is my glow plug controller/solenoid.(any other ideas would be great).
So, that leads me to my question. What is a glow plug controller/solenoid and where is it?
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The B series Cummins were direct injected and did not rely on glow plugs for cold starts.. They will still start a little hard and blow the white smoke tho. There a FAR better engine.

White smoke on a cold startup does usually indicate it's a really cold start, but can be an engine in need of a valve adjustment.. common mod is a momentary switch for the glow plugs
Yea- Cummins uses an intake heater, which works pretty good. Simple and failsafe.
It isn't uncommon for a diesel to be hard to start in cold weather- what are you calling "hard"? You may have a problem, but it would help to know how hard of a time you are having, and what is routine hard starting for a 6.5? You may just be getting used to a diesel, and not really have a problem.
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