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Problems with my first Truck

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As the title states, I'm having problems with my truck. It is a 1995 Chevy K2500 6.5 turbo diesel w/ 144,000 miles. My problem is that it is hard to start and is blowing lots of white smoke.
After reading some other forum sites I think my problem is my glow plug controller/solenoid.(any other ideas would be great).
So, that leads me to my question. What is a glow plug controller/solenoid and where is it?
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Wasnt it the Cummins that doesnt use Glow Plugs? Man I hate glow plugs...
On the smaller diesels Ive had, I really had good luck with some stuff called Diesel Medic, I had a mitsubishi diesel that flat wore out a starter one winter. I did a couple DM treatments and it busted off alot faster after that.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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