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Problems with my first Truck

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As the title states, I'm having problems with my truck. It is a 1995 Chevy K2500 6.5 turbo diesel w/ 144,000 miles. My problem is that it is hard to start and is blowing lots of white smoke.
After reading some other forum sites I think my problem is my glow plug controller/solenoid.(any other ideas would be great).
So, that leads me to my question. What is a glow plug controller/solenoid and where is it?
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Check all the glow plugs before you replace the controller. The controller requires 8 functioning GP's in order to work correctly. Even just one burned out will give you starting issues.
Testing glow plugs with a test light will confirm a bad one (no light), but continuity does not guarantee a good plug. If you have a battery charger with an ammeter, you can use that to determine that the GP you're testing is actually drawing power. Only do this for a second or two, as most modern engines use 6V GP's that are pulsed with 12V for a quick warm-up. It might be worthwhile to replace all of them- buy them from the dealer, not all GP's are created equal. I learned this the hard way with a 7.3 Ford. Spend the extra $ and do the job once- espescially since several plugs on that engine are almost impossible to see, much less change.
A 6.5 with a properly working GP system should start clean with no missing or white smoke. I looked at one in '95 when they first came out, and it was clean from a cold start in winter. The exhaust hardly smelled at all and didn't burn your eyes.

I once had a Brush Bandit 12" chipper with a 110HP 4BT Cummins that a customer wanted to use on a winter day. It started in about 5 seconds at 6* F. with no starting aids at all. I probably should have put him off, as those cold temps. are really hard on the hydraulic system until it's warmed up.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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