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problem with JD 1026r loader

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the loader goes up and down, but it comes down slow and it wont lift the front tires off the ground anymore. does anyone know why? all other hydros work fine.
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Try unplugging all the QD's, wipe them clean then reconnect them.
OK, please let us know the outcome as it may help someone in the future.
Hmm...there is a DTAC on that issue (water in the hydraulic fluid), and a kit should have been mailed to you with a new fill cap, and a baseball hat as well.

One such thread on the GTT forum (didn't see it mentioned here on MTF):

And another:
well that explains why the 1026r's have been discontinued.
No sir, not at all. It is now rebadged the 1025r and mysteriously derated to just under 25 horsepower to meet EPA TIER 4 requirements. Virtually the identical machine except for the stickers. Long thread on that on GTT as well.
I rented one of these for the weekend. Worked fine until I parked it, drove my truck and trailer up to it to load her up and all of a sudden, the bucket won't go up higher than maybe 2-3 feet.

And the bucket goes down but won't lift the front tires up with the down pressure.

What gives?

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Did you try the advice I gave in post #2?
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