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problem with JD 1026r loader

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the loader goes up and down, but it comes down slow and it wont lift the front tires off the ground anymore. does anyone know why? all other hydros work fine.
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thanks for the help. but i had John deere come and pick it up to take a look at it. its still under warrenty. i only put 30hrs on it.
so far they found rust in the hydraulic filter.
well that explains why the 1026r's have been discontinued.
yea. i tryed that after reading the manual, but it still didint work right. the JD dealer i got it from has it now and its going on 3 weeks. they said they orderd a new filter and that one had rust in it. so they got another new one and that one had rust in it. so now they orderd a 3rd one and there waiting for. i bet it has rust in it.
its still under warrenty, so no money out of my pocket. i made sure of that before i had them pick it up. plus i got the $10 a month insuracne on it.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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