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Looking at a 1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 4x4, has rear storage compartment, 2500 lbs winch, plastic is in good conidtion, tires about 80 %, works well, has 1680 miles. Suspension is tight, no rattles any where. Battery 2 years old, front headlights do not work, he has note really looked to see why- he does not drive it after dark, so was not concerned about it, the owner is asking $3000.00, I am new to ATV's, is this a fair price?
I would also be interested in hearing from Polaris owners- what should I look for? what have you had trouble with?
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Never owned a Polaris(always Honda) but,from what I have heard they ride great,but there are a few small things with them.I have heard of electrical problems with the older ones,yours could be a simple broken wire though,they are a belt drive,drive it and see if it takes right off or seems hesitant,try stopping on a hill and starting,if it is sluggish,needs a new belt.Check your basic stuff,like wheel bearing,axle play,if he will let you try checking the front and rear pots-if it is clear good,but if it milky probably has water getting in.
And last look underneath at the skid plate-tells alot of where the bike has been.Price seems reasonable for the miles on it.

Good luck

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That belt don't work very well wet!!!

what happened to a sealed gear-box and a clutch???

I don't know about you boys, but I'd much rather ride a 800cc 4-wheel drive 4-wheeler with a manual clutch and a 5-speed.
thanks Tommy, thats the kind of feedback I am looking for, will check the gear oil. The universals, and bearings did not seem to have any play in them. What I did like - is that there are grease ports (nipples) on the drive system.
the owner, ownes on Polaris machines, he said; "If I had issues with Polaris- I would buy another brand", he seems to be up front about the bike.
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checked all the bulbs in the headlights- every bulb was burned out, installed new ones, including the tail light, they are all working now. :)
Is this a common issue with ATV's?
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