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I am thinking of taking a Simplicity 7117 on trade. Waiting on the serial number to see what year it is. He said he thought it was an '85 and "runs perfect." Haven't seen the tractor is person yet to see how well it really runs.

Has snow blade which is manual lift and angles. The tractor itself is not hydrostatic.

I know it's not much to go on but am hoping for a ballpark figure. Also, am I able to put Ag tires on it verses the current turf tires? And is this a good tractor for mowing, tilling, pushing snow and possible lift?

Thanks for any help

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that machine is good for all of those things you want to do. heavy frame, good rear end, parts available, and will push/pull like an ox.
here in Mich. that would go for $500-$800 depending on condition, how it runs, and more if you get attachments with it.
if you end up buying it you wont regret it. good luck.

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Try the link it give the model #`s for the Simplicity 7117 lowest powered was the 12hp up to the 17hp copy the model # are 1690479, 1690480, 1690571, 1690572, 1690571, 1690572 and enter in the box for owners and maybe a parts manuals here

This page at the link below shows a model run from 1980 to 1983

This link will give an idea what the tractor should look like in good shape, better link with more photos. this is a garden tractor and plenty strong.
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