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I found a dealer in Ohio, I'm in CT, that has a used triple bagger and turbo for my 22/44 Regent. The item number is 1695594 for the bagger. I don't know what the number is for the turbo. Apparently they've been sitting in their back room for 2 years waiting for a buyer. I obviously haven't seen it in person, but the salesman on the phone told me that it is in very good shape and that it is somewhere between 5-7 years old.

I'm waiting for picts and any other information he can email me.

They want $650 for the package, including all hardware and anything else that I will need....except a manual.

Is this a good price?
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This is for a Snapper website, but just rebadged Simplicity products.
Orangeman, are you saying that a Snapper bagger will fit my Regent?

I think it all depends on what year. The Snapper LT200 is a rebaged Regent, the only difference I see is the Snapper does not have the full deck roller. I'm not 100% sure, but it might be worth a call to double check. I entered some of the parts off the website I listed, and showed them as Simplicity parts.
A Snapper dealer should have some idea of Simplicity parts, no?

Specifically I have a 2009 22/44 Regent. Any help with a model number for a Snapper bagger that would be the equivalent to the Simplicity model would be awesome.
They should, the parts are actually Briggs & Stratton part number, parent company to both. I know when Simplicity bought Snapper, they produced clones of all their models with the Snapper name on them, and red paint. I would say the part number should be the same for both. I'll see what I can find.
Thanks Orangeman. I found an Item Number on, but I don't know if that bagger will fit my machine.
Triple Bagger: Model# 24909
Double Bagger: Model# 1695637
I just got off the phone with Sears. They claim that both baggers will fit a Snapper LT200 Series tractor. However, because Sears doesn't sell Simplicity he couldn't tell me if it would fit the Regent. It looks like the tractors are basically the same with some exceptions like the back roller and the hanging deck.

I didn't get a chance to check any further, but the part#1695637 showed Murray on I'm starting to wonder if the Snappers have Murray type decks. I was running late at work tonight, so I'll see if I can find some more info tomorrow.
I haven't seen that. I have looked at the Snapper decks online, they exactly the same as the Simplicity, with the exception of the roller and they look attached to the tractor.
The Snappers at Sears did have murray decks.
How about the decks on the L200 Series, specifically the L2044? I don't know if Sears ever sold that line, I know they don't now. In fact the specs on the L2044 almost mirror those of my 22/44 Regent.
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