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Going to check out a 2011 BX25 tomorrow:

Owner moved for work out west, so sold to dealer (guessing kept clean, inside, and little used)
100 hours on unit
60 inch deck

Based on the price for a new one (they only have BX25D's in), with a fine cut 54" deck, it would be around $20k after rebates. I looked at the D's and didn't see any notable changes.

Also, based on looking online at used ones, they ranged in price from 13-17k, were all older than 2010, and some had substantially more hours (e.g. 800) and more wear (they didn't look well kept. From this standpoint the one above seems like a great deal.

So, basically, a 4k difference not including tax, etc., which I assume would be about the same for each.

BUT here is the only thing giving me pause. I can pay cash but I have other things I'm doing now that I'd like to keep a reserve in place, which means financing. The financing on the 2011 unit is 6.6% and 10% down, which means total payments would end up being about $2370 more for the brand new BX25D vs the 1-2 year old BX25. If this is a lifetime machine for me the difference seems pretty academic. There is also an additional $500 rebate if you buy an implement (I wouldn't mind a box blade or something like that).

Opinions? I'm also posting on the Simplicity forum because I really like the brand, and you can technically get a Legacy XL with a FEL and BHL. However I just feel like the Kubota is the best factory package. So (1) is $15.9k a good price, (2) should I think about going new instead, and (3) any thoughts on a used XL with a FEL and adding a BHL?
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