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Press-in Zerks - where to find?

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my mower deck (44) has press-in zerks. Where can I find repleacements? Or do I have to go through MTD?

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A few months ago, I had to replace a number of press-in grease fittings on my GT3235.

I went down to my local Menards home improvement center (not sure if those are by you) and found a variety of grease zerks in their specialized parts bins.

If I recall correctly, the 3/16" press-in they had was too big or two small, but when I went one size bigger/smaller, it fit perfectly.

Can't remember the price, but it was < $1 each... maybe $0.60 each.

Pick up a couple extra... sometimes when I tapped them in, I damaged the head. Make sure you use just enough force (not too much) to seat the zerk and tap squarely & evenly over the head.

HOWEVER, some subsequent advice that I'll try next time is to take a small socket wrench just big enough to go over the part of the zerk that the grease gun attaches to, but not the base of the zerk. Then tap on the socket so the rim of the socket drives the base of the zerk.

All and all... it was pretty easy. Replacing with press-ins made sense -- no risk of thread shavings by tapping/installing threaded zerks. Plus no risk of me screwing it up. :)
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go to NAPA or some other full service auto parts store....stay away from auto zone and that type of store.....the guy behind the counter will not be able to find it on his computer...:banghead3....:banghead3.....
ACE Hardware.
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