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Presenting...The "1994 KGro PowerPro" by AYP

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Presenting...The "1993 KGro PowerPro" by AYP

Looks like a Craftsman to me. Retailed through K-Mart. Got it free back in the summer. It needed a good carb cleaning and new battery. After that it started right up. Bagger came with it.

I added the bumper today.
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Re: Presenting...The "1993 KGro PowerPro" by AYP

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Good job! Does have the old Craftsman look.:trink40:
Nice. The guys over at LynolsOffice on Youtube had one of those for a while too. Good ol' KGro! Deinitely looks like a Craftsman.
Exellent score for free! I have the mate to it here (minus the bagger) so far its been a pretty stout machine. mine has plenty of power but needs more traction, i will be putting ags on all 4 wheels after the holidays.
Re: Presenting...The "1993 KGro PowerPro" by AYP

Watched the Video, I always get a kick out of hearing the opposed twins.
The sound reminds me of a small airplane engine.

Vehicle Car Auto part Engine
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Mode of transport

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AYP made some decent tractors.Nice find for free!Here's another AYP.


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You can't beat that. Especially with a twin. That engine alone would fetch $200 easy.
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