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Precision snow blowing

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I've seen lots of videos of the sexy Bercos blowing snow what seems like 1000 feet, but for the ex-urban/suburban homeowner, that's just likely to wrankle the neighbors.

Does anyone have tips or videos of precision blowing? For example, blowing maybe 20 feet into a ditch, or just onto the shoulder of the road?

I own a single stage 30" blower, and I've used it to clear paths on the lawn. By just rotating the spout, I can get the snow pretty close to where I want it. If I could move the deflector that would seem to be ideal.

It seems to me that an electrically operated deflector control would be real handy for controlling exactly where you wanted to put the snow. has anyone upgraded their deflector to be remotely operated? Either manual or electirc? Pictures would be great.
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D-Dogg, saw this one just the other day and not only did he do an tremendous job, but lots of pics, and he credited some of the others who also automated theirs too. Kinda like a one-stop-shop! Enjoy!
I would love to be able to throw snow further. No need for precision here on 18 acres. The only time I deploy the deflector is when the wind is blowing the snow back at me.

I think what you need is a computer program tied to a GPS so that it is location aware and can automatically adjust both tilt and azimuth. Maybe tie it in with a wireless weathervane on the property to measure and compensate for wind speed and direction.
My 'blower' puts the stuff where ever I point it to. No need for fancy GPS electronic battery run things. Left or right, where ever the shovel is ponted at the time.

Only problem I've got with it is it's a pain to 'start' on cold days.
Oh, you mean I've been doing it wrong? My neighbor's house is about 80' from my driveway though the woods. My goal is to get the right consistency of snow someday to hit his bedroom window, that will be precision!
Well the reason for the question is actually last years blizzard. The few of us in the hood with FELs, blades and blowers were out trying to open the road. Believe it or not, each and everyone of us discovered a butthead or two within 4 houses of us who whined about us throwing or pushing snow into their yards.

I figure if I can put it a little more accurately into the ditches and shoulders, no one should have anything to say. Of course we will gladly leave enough snow in front of their houses so the county trucks can push 4 feet up into their drives.
People will complain about anything! Plant some targets along the ditch so you can have fun aiming your snowblower!
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