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Pramac S2800 Honda engine volts fluctuation

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Voltage fluctuation, how is it regulated?
I have this generator from Harbor Freight since 2003 and worked as a champion until the voltage started to fluctuate this year.
Took apart the back looking for a voltage regulator or brushes but I cannot seem to be able to remove generator from engine without splitting the Honda engine.
I have the PDF s2800 user manual but no a clue on voltage regulator or brushes.
I could email the pdf
I need help quickly since is the backup when there is not much sun for my solar system in Ontario-Canada
I can also email pictures.
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Anything is possible, of course, but I guess it seems odd that you'd have to split the engine to remove the generator head. Often, for generators, the engine will have a tapered crankshaft. The one time I tried to remove a generator head, I had to remove a long bolt that went through the generator head, into the crankshaft. Then you had to pop the generator off the taper, which is not trivial.
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