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Powerflow Bagger for 48" Deck

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I am looking for information about a Powerflow Bagger Kit for a 48" deck. The deck is identical to the 48" old style deck that you'd find on a GT275 (for example).

Specifically, I'd like to know if it exists?. How much is it?. Where is the best place (cheapest) to get it?
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theres a powerflo for the 38,46, and 50 in. older style decks but not sure about the 48in. the owners manual ofr the 3 .......OMM12151514
Thanks for the reply. I know it exists, (see the EBay Auction), I just don't know the best place to get it. I'll keep looking ...

Also, how do these Powerflo installs work? Do they come in a package with a bagger for a particular model or always as separate units/BM's?

I am slowly learning that you need to buy accessories and attachments for a JD when you buy the machine. It makes life SO much easier down the line, particularly 10 years later. It is a bit of a nightmare piecing together accessories/attachments from new or used parts because the entire assembly is NLA from JD.
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They will separate the powerflo from the cart sometimes if you don't need the cart. slkpk
Thanks for the reply. So I need a sanity check here. Referring to this document;

In order to find the seperate parts for a Powerflo attaching to to GT225 with an older style 48" Deck, I beleive I need;

BM20456 - 7 Bushel Hopper
BM20988 - Powerflo Chute
BM19089 - Powerflo Blower

Am I right? Anything else needed?
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If you're looking at used equipment you'll also want to be sure to get the belt and pulley that powers the blower from the mower deck.
Harryc, I have a used pwer flo set up i bought for my newer JD. its going to to much of a headache to make it work besides I just bought a reg. bagger for it.If your interested I can get it out and pull the numbers for you. I remember it had all the parts,double pulley, quick disconnect,bagger and shute. let me know.
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I appreciate the offer. I think the numbers you pull may not help me though unless you have a similar tractor to a GT225 and you are running a an older 48" deck. These powerflo bagger setups are like everything else on JD's ... model or family specific.
Ok, If you find out what you need or if this may help you let me know,I bought it used.It's in good shape I,m guessing that it's from a older machine.I'll pull the number on it and post. Someone else may be able to give insight. I'm new to the JD world myself,so can't be of much help to you.
I found a mc-519 cart with powerflow setup for my gt275 on CL. Paid around $ 300., got everything I needed except for a pin that bolts inside the discharge opening (the powerflow head slides onto) and the double pulley. I picked them up at the dealer.

I mow about about 2 acres and the mc519 works really well for grass and primarily leaves. Capacity on the bagger is too small for my needs.

good luck on the hunt, keep an eye on CL.

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Now that you mention it the MC-519 would fit my needs as well, it had just slipped my mind. I'll keep an eye out for one. Thanks!
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