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Power steering upgrade help???

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This morning I am getting a complete power steering system from a cub 3184. I want to put it on my cub 1250 because I am installing a loader. I do not have a hydraulic lift so what is the best way to power the controller. Can I add a charge pump to my current transmission, use "power beyond" from my loader control valve, or what?

What would do and how?


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To do it correctly you would need either a ported Hydro pump or put the ports in yours (if it has the bosses). Then it would be set up like the factory would have. This would allow you to run the hydro pump for your loader by the front PTO and still be able to turn it on and off with out effecting the power steering.

Your hydro pump already has a charge pump on it , there is only a place for one.
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Lets get the facts straight here first.

First , there are many pumps out the that do have the Bosses on them for the port connections, that are not factory ported. these pumps are found on the 1210,1710,1810, 582,682, basically any 82 series that is a hydro drive without hydro lift. They are the exact same pumps. The bosses are simply plugged with you guessed it, plugs. These pumps can be converted to full ported pumps by adding the appropriate valve spring kit. I have done this myself and so have many others.

Secondly, All the cyclopes series did not have the splined input shaft. This was a mid series improvement.

Third there is no power steering pump, if there were there would not be a need for a ported hydro pump.

Here is a thread I did on how to disassemble and repair a hydro pump ,if you would like to see what they look like on the inside.

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