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Power Steering Issue 1020

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I have an early (1967) 1020 with open center hydraulics. It's equipped with power steering, but it doesn't work since I've owned it (about 2 years). No power assist at all.
I've removed the ps pump, and it seems to be in good shape, everything tight, but the shop manual indicates there should be a ball in the metering relief valve between the spring and the valve. The removal/repair section mentions checking the ball, but parts diagrams don't show the ball. The diagram for the metering operation does show the ball between the spring and the valve. If anyone has any experience with these ps pumps, any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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Early model JD 1020 had closed center hyd's with open center power steering. Please post photo of the "ball" you're referring to.
Took the ps pump off & found the woodruff key for the driven gear had broken, letting the shaft turn inside the gear. Should be the answer to my problem. Also, took the metering valve apart & found the relief ball was inside the metering valve, not outside like the diagram sort of indicates. Hopefully it shouldnwork when I get it together & back on the tractor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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