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Poulan pro riding mower pto wiring help.

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So my buddy got a poulan pro riding mower. Not sure what year, I haven't researched it yet, it runs great, however the deck will not engage. I looked at the wiring connector to the pto switch and the wires were cut, some were connected, some where not. This is what I have. Pics to follow.
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Now the hood says 24 hp, the engine says 26 hp...


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But I'd anyone has this same mower, can they take a picture of the colored wires going into the blade engage switch for me?
Oh and I have looked up diagrams and the owners manual online. I still cannot find exactly what I am looking for.
Ok after alot of research, trial and error, a few trips to Atwood's automotive electrical isle and a complete rewiring: I got the start switch rewired, kill switch, fuel switch, lights, and electric pro switch. She is good to go now. Whoever had owned it before had frankensteined the wiring set up to bypass some safeties. After 2 hrs of work, and 8 hrs of research lol, my buddy owes me a 6 pack of beer lol
That was much easier rewiring that machine rather than sorting through what had been chopped up and spliced together
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