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Poulan 4000 start up

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Hey guys,
I just recently inherited a Poulan counter vibe 4000 that looks almost brand new.
Since I know that todays fuel with Ethinhol gums up most small 2 stroke engines. I was going to high Octain (I thinks its 93 with no Ethinhol). Since this saw was made in the early eighties should I use the 40-1 mix as recommended with this gas? It has been started in at least 15 yrs. Any suggestions on the startup is appreciated
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Non ethanol gas will help. If it starts shut it off immediately if it doesn't idle well, changes note/tone when turned on all axis's. A saw that old without being run is very susceptible to air leaks.
What oil ratio does that saw call for.I have a low use poulan 3300 that I would like to get going.I think I started it with 32:1,but died,would not restart.Cleaned carb,now I need to find out oil ratio.Best I can tell,20:1,but not positive.
The old saw oil ratio was due more to quality of the oil. Any new synthetic (or a syn blend) oil rated JASO-FD will be fine in an old saw at 40:1. I use Dolmar or Lucas oil cuz they are easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Some oils will be just as good and not rated - they just didn't go through the certification process.
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