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posting for thenubsterman

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Since he was unable to post I'm posting this for him.

Hey everyones,

Happy new year this is my second post of the new year but my first one never went through idk why

Well first question, putting a NAA piston in for the hydraulic lift which side of the O-ring does the leather wiper go on?

Secondly i tore the rest of the parts off the hydraulic lift cover off, why you ask because sitting for 8 years outside uncovered everything was extremely rusty and needed to be cleaned and lubed properly again. Well taking the back draft control spring off didn't go so well. I not need the part the pin goes through and the shaft that goes into the hydraulic cover the part numbers in the manual are 541(the rod) and 546. Are these the same from 9n to 8n?
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Looking at the cylinder with the piston in hand the O ring will go on first and then the back up seal (seal will be toward the dogbone)
I won't be able to check for parts until Tuesday for you.

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